School—The Second Time ‘Round

She’s got this fire inside her that really makes her a challenge and a joy to parent. At home, she runs from one room to the next, her volume set to 10 — always. But this year, I saw a new side of her personality emerge.

Lost… and Finding

Because much of my existence these past seven years has been dictated by my children's needs, I now feel lost as I try to identify the person looking back in the mirror.

Lately, I've been feeling stuck. I admitted as much to a friend and said I was waiting for the clouds to dissipate and the canvas of my future to be revealed.


The very first thing I remember writing was a short story (well, a scene more than a complete story) about this kick-ass female FBI Agent who did some pretty unrealistic, but totally cool things like save the President from a dozen trained ninjas, only to have the private ceremony where she would receive a Presidential Medal interrupted because CASE (Community... Continue Reading →


When my eldest was born she had a foot deformity.  The top of her foot pressed back against her shin. I immediately fast-forwarded to five years later when she was trying to keep up with her friends only to be laughed at and teased because she would run with a limp, if she were able... Continue Reading →

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