I met a man named Reinhardt on my way home from the playground this morning. He walked up beside me and said that I looked happy.I was wearing a smile."You look at peace with motherhood, confident," he said.I had to laugh. He caught me on a morning when I had slept well the night before.He... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays – Blog Tour

Thanks for stopping by the Holiday Blog Tour.This is a short fiction piece I wrote out of the blue. It was inspired by a Facebook post from a very dear friend, Lori (from Goddard). When you're done, don't forget to visit Nikki Kallio tomorrow, 19th Dec. I hope you're enjoying the tour so far. Happy Holidays.Sacrifices“But... Continue Reading →

A Holiday Blog Tour

(Photo used through Creative Commons and taken by Flickr user Cliff.) I've worked on Christmas Day. I was in Japan. Christmas isn't a holiday there. I find that a lot of my traditions and values are a result of where I was born and to whom. Christmas is special to me because it was special... Continue Reading →


Seven other nations celebrate Thanksgiving or a holiday akin to it. Whether you're sitting down to a stuffing-ladened turkey in the USA or if you're eating a special banana dish in the Norfolk Islands, the premise is the same: it's a time to give thanks and to enjoy the fruits of our labor, which historically... Continue Reading →


I was born in South Carolina. It was a rural town with route numbers for addresses. There was a corn field to the right of us and a soybean field in front that was also a tobacco field and a cotton field depending on the year. We had dogs. These weren't the kind of dogs... Continue Reading →

In the Beginning

The echo of a jackhammer and a baby's intermittent cries are my morning music. A clotheshorse with the days washing blocks my view of Geylang River and the Nicholl Highway bridge. This is my 30-minute respite for the morning. My eldest is at the playground and my youngest battles the pull of slumber. My husband... Continue Reading →

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